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Mean Bean Challenge Day 1

Over one billion people in the world go hungry every day. Think about that number. Really think. A thousand times a million. That’s 2000 times my town. Every. Day.

Liv and I are taking on the Mean Bean Challenge to raise money for Tearfund, a charity fighting poverty and hunger and offering support for civilians during and after natural and man-made disasters. To be honest, I hold no great affiliation to this charity. I’ve never fundraised for them before and I saw this as a personal challenge. But before I told you about it, I wanted to get some facts for you. And now I can’t get them out of my head.

For 5 days, we are eating plain porridge with water for breakfast, and plain boiled beans and rice for lunch and dinner.

You can sponsor us here. Every £5 could feed a child for up to a month.


Day 1 has been up and down. I’ve woken up with a cold and still tired from the clocks going forward (and maaaaaaybe staying up too late, too). I woke up hungry, which is very rare for me, so the porridge wasn’t too terrible despite being that horrible, gloopy texture. I felt pretty full but already looking forward to lunch – I love beans!

By 10am my tummy started rumbling, but I was busy working (post about this coming soon). I ended up working through lunch so I didn’t get to eat until 3.30pm. I actually found it really tough to eat my black eyed beans and rice, despite being hungry. The sameness just seemed unending and I was desperate to just add some sauce or spices! I got it finished and no longer felt physically hungry but the psychological hunger was not satisfied, and everywhere I went I could see or smell delicious food.

Back at home, I’ve managed to go for a run and did surprisingly well – I felt lighter on my feet than I have for a while but by the last quarter I could feel some muscle fatigue coming on. I’ve followed up with a small bowl of rice and kidney beans but I just can’t face any more of it and I’m looking forward to bed.

I honestly thought I’d be finding this easy. I like beans and rice, I’m used to cheap, boring food, I like to think that I am pretty tough. But I’ve noticed I’m very dependent on variety and flavours.

And I’m aware, more than ever, that I am very, very privileged.




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