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Mean Bean Challenge Days 2-3

Find the blog post for day one here.

Over one billion people in the world go hungry every day. Think about that number. Really think. A thousand times a million. That’s 2000 times my town. Every. Day.

Liv and I are taking on the Mean Bean Challenge to raise money for Tearfund, a charity fighting poverty and hunger and offering support for civilians during and after natural and man-made disasters. To be honest, I hold no great affiliation to this charity. I’ve never fundraised for them before and I saw this as a personal challenge. But before I told you about it, I wanted to get some facts for you. And now I can’t get them out of my head.

For 5 days, we are eating plain porridge with water for breakfast, and plain boiled beans and rice for lunch and dinner.

You can sponsor us here. Every £5 could feed a child for up to a month.


Day 2 was hard. Day 3 was humbling.

I’m really struggling with this cold, and I’m highly aware that I’m not getting the vitamins and nutrients my body needs to effectively fight it off. I sniffled and sneezed my way through work yesterday, followed by the dentist, and then ended up ‘having a rest’ in bed by 7.30pm! I was asleep before I knew it (clothes still on) and apart from Liv waking me to remind me to get undressed I slept through the night and woke up at 7 this morning running only slightly late for work. 11 hours of sleep! That’s bananas.

This morning was no better. I couldn’t manage more than half my porridge – the plainness just made it so unbearable I thought I might cry. Then I did cry, because I thought about all those people with not enough to eat and there I was, throwing away edible food. At lunchtime – butter beans and rice – I sat miserably on my own because I couldn’t bear to be around everyone’s delicious food. What I wouldn’t give for just some carrot sticks and hummus!

We were supposed to go for a run tonight but we are both physically and emotionally drained. Even sitting on the bus as I drove past a corner shop – full of chocolate, crisps and fizzy pop just waiting to satisfy my hunger – felt like a marathon. Liv looked up the nutrition for what we’re eating and although we’re getting a fair amount of protein and loads of fibre, we aren’t getting our vitamins or minerals, the right amino acids, or barely any fat. All I can think about is food.

cronometer beans and rice 2

I am so humbled by this experience; I cannot imagine how people survive like this day-to-day, but it has given me new resolve to keep going and raise more money. I know that charity is a short-term fix in many cases but sometimes you just don’t know what else to do when despairing about the world.

I don’t even feel hungry anymore. I can’t face another bean.

Until tomorrow.


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