Mean Bean Challenge Day 4

Find the blog post for day one here and days 2-3 here.

Over one billion people in the world go hungry every day. Think about that number. Really think. A thousand times a million. That’s 2000 times my town. Every. Day.

Liv and I are taking on the Mean Bean Challenge to raise money for Tearfund, a charity fighting poverty and hunger and offering support for civilians during and after natural and man-made disasters. To be honest, I hold no great affiliation to this charity. I’ve never fundraised for them before and I saw this as a personal challenge. But before I told you about it, I wanted to get some facts for you. And now I can’t get them out of my head.

For 5 days, we are eating plain porridge with water for breakfast, and plain boiled beans and rice for lunch and dinner.

You can sponsor us here. Every £5 could feed a child for up to a month.


Today has been a day of brain fog and forgetfulness! Somehow powered through a very full day, although I’m sure I blanked on more than one conversation…

I’ve noticed that I have very weak physical hunger signals. This morning I felt vaguely hungry when I started my porridge but it dissipated very quickly and I ended up not finishing my porridge again. I’m pretty sure I’m not eating enough but my appetite is so low that I just can’t eat any more. Nausea has also set in, but I’ve been drinking loads of water that seems to help. I can’t help but to think how much of a luxury it is to be able to drink endless amounts of clean water.

I feel sort of guilty every time I complain about this challenge because for so many people this is their life and here I am making the choice to eat like this then having the gall to complain about it!

We’ve yet to face much exercise this week but I don’t think we’ll manage any tomorrow either as we’re just too exhausted.

When all this is over I’ll catch you all up on what is happening with this blog but for now, please send us a couple of quid to help beat hunger.


*falls asleep on sofa*


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